Green Tea - Beautify Skin

Matcha Green Tea to Beautify Your Skin

Green tea is no new thing, but the matcha version has recently become a rage. Not only it is a great energy booster, but the benefits of matcha for skin are massive when applied topically as well.

Here are some of the benefits provided by matcha for the skin.

  • Even outs the complexion

If you are looking for a natural way to clear and even out your complexion, matcha is your best friend. It contains chlorophyll which will make your skin glow and young. It cleanses your skin of toxins and protects it from chemicals and impurities that would clog the pores and leave the skin vulnerable to discolouration and blemishes.

  • Treats acne

One of the most notable properties of matcha is, it is a natural antibiotic. It provides healing properties for your body both internally and externally. Matcha contains epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) which is known to combat bacterial build up. So adding matcha to your moisturiser or using a face mask is a great way to ward off acne and cleanse the skin.

  • Reverses signs of ageing

This is probably one of the biggest reasons why we take care of our skin. Matcha helps stimulate elastin production contributing to smoother and tighter skin. Catechin a type of polyphenol found in matcha deactivates free radicals thus resulting in younger, fresher looking skin.

  • Reduces puffiness

We all have experienced puffiness and inflammation at one time or another, either from lack of sleep, bawling our eyes out during a sad movie or simply due to environmental chemicals and toxins. Matcha, as it contains vitamin K can help reduce puffiness, treats inflammation and dark circles.

  • Protects against sun damage

The polyphenols and catechins that we mentioned earlier help reduce the dangerous effects of UV radiation. Due to this property of matcha, it will guard your skin against extreme weather conditions such as wind and sun. Matcha can also be used to treat sunburn and reduce inflammation. You can mix it with aloe vera gel or lavender oil to create a soothing applicant for your skin.

So, next time you want a little rejuvenating skin treatment, matcha is your best bet.